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We love gardening. We love everything about it.

We love getting out the gardening gloves and the shovels and the fertilizers and our dirt. We love to roll out the wheel barrow, throw in our carefully chosen bags of dirt and peat from our favorite gardening center and truck it all down, along with our colorful garden tools, to where we want to begin our journey of decorating our very own special environment, both for our own intensely satisfying pleasure, as well as to show off not only to our friends and family, but for the world to see as well. We love to secretly swell with pride as we sneak a clandestine glance at our neighbors ‘not as good as mine’ garden as strangers drive by and gawk at our garden while ignoring everybody else’s.

We like the smell of the dirt and how it gets darker and moister as we dig. We find a worm or some strange beetle we have never seen before, examine it for a while and then let it move on to do its own gardening elsewhere. The point is, we love the sheer pleasure of working in our gardens to create something new and beautiful, and it is intensely satisfying!  🙂

Simply put, Backyard Diva was inspired by our love for gardening!

At Backyard Diva we share our love for gardening with you.

In that spirit we post on a regular basis tips and hints for gardening, landscaping as well as how to make cool garden items from everyday items, and more. We also sell heirloom seeds to bring you some unique plants and vegetables that you may or may not even know existed , as well as other gardening products that you can purchase and enjoy.

There is a wealth of information on our website. Please feel free to spend hours browsing around at cool ideas for your garden! Buy some seeds. Plant some seeds and watch them grow! 🙂

Visit us on our Facebook page as well!

Thank you. And Enjoy or Website!




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