Are my Potatoes growing Tomatoes?

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While doing my daily wander throughout the gardens.. I recently noticed what looks like small tomatoes growing from my potato plants. Hmm… What could this be? I have grown potatoes before and never seen these.
Have one of the kids moved a tomato plant nearby?
Have tomatoes volunteered from the compost?  After a thorough inspection nope Рno tomatoes are near! So what are these little tomatoes growing from my potatoes?

Seed Pods!

Those tomato-like objects are the potato fruit, containing seeds. Tomato and Potato are closely related, in the same genus, and the fruit are therefore very similar in structure. There is however one important difference – Potato fruit are poisonous, so don’t eat them.
The Potato seeds pods are also known as Potato Berries!
This is not something that happens to often, after much research on google trying to learn more about these potato seeds – you are better off to start your potato from the eyes of actual potatoes. Sounds like quite the challenge!
Potato seeds/berries can actually take up to 8 weeks to ripen and create viable seeds on the vine – thereafter taking quite some time and patience to grow edible potatoes.

potato pots

Potato Pots!
Last year I ran out of room… had these great big 10 gallon pots and the potatoes grew awesome in here.
I put about 3 -4 inches of a third compost and soil mixture
About 4 – 5 seed potatoes, topped with another 2 inches of soil mixture.. as the potatoes grew taller I added more soil, and again.. then Bam! All kinds of potatoes.


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