Fall Planting for Spring Blooms!

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Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs!
After a long cold and grey winter there is nothing better than watching those early spring bulbs start to grow and bloom! This means the long awaited warm weather is coming!!

What to plant:
There are hundreds of different kinds of bulbs for fall planting. The most common ones are tulips, daffodils, snow drops, crocuses, alliums, muscari, frittilaria and hyacinths. Get creative with bulbs, make containers with an assortment of different bulbs, plant crocuses in the lawn!  The possibilities are endless. There are many of these spring flowers that blooms at different stages of spring; early, mid and late spring. I like to plant all the different stages of blooming bulbs to ensure I have staggered bloom periods throughout the spring, there is always color this way! Your package will most likely tell you the bloom period.

The first rule of planting any bulb: Pointy side up, plant them approximately 2 1/2 times as deep as the bulb is wide – it is best to check for planting depth on the package when you get your bulbs, or check out this handy chart.┬áPlant your bulbs in odd numbers, in clumps or clusters. Odd numbers always look better in the garden, one solitary bulb in bloom isn’t all that exciting.

Bulb Planting Depth Distance Apart Number per group for outstanding dramatic results!
Tulips 8 inches 6 inches At Least 5 for a clump. Mass Plantings 15 or more.
Daffodils 8 inches 6 inches At Least 5 for a clump. Mass Plantings 15 or more.
Allium (Small) 2-3 inches 2-3 inches 9-12 bulbs
Allium Globemaster 4-5 inches 2-3 inches 7-9 bulbs
Crocus 2-3 inches 2-3 inches 9-13 bulbs
Fritillaria 3-4 inches 2-3 inches 7-11 bulbs
Hyacinth Grape (Muscari) 2-3 inches 2-3 inches 9-12 bulbs
Snow Drops 2-3 inches 2-3 inches 9-12 bulbs

Spring Bulbs here:

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