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Yarrow Achilliea millefolium  is a hardy perennial which will grow almost anywhere. The feathery leaves and flowers both give off a pleasant fragrance when crushed, making it an ideal herb to use for many cosmetic purposes. In ancient times Yarrow was used to heal the bleeding wounds of soldiers then known as Woundwart, Staunchweed and Herbe Militaris.

Yarrow has many medicinal uses! I would suggest doing some further research into Yarrow to find out just the full potential of this beneficial herb!

When fever is building, drinking hot teas of yarrow can help it to break by relaxing the circulation and the pores of the skin, allowing us to sweat freely and ridding the body of infection. Being bitter, pungent and aromatic means that yarrow is particularly useful for stimulating the digestion and getting the bile and pancreatic juices flowing. Because of it’s affinity to the circulation as well it can help move congested blood in the portal vein which, in turn, helps the liver. Yarrow is a good urinary anti-septic and, when drunk as a warm or cool (rather than hot) infusion, the diuretic properties are emphasized making it a useful remedy for cystitis and urinary tract infections. (Please consult a medical professional prior to use)

Whether you grow yarrow as a decorative plant or an herb, you can be sure that it will add beauty to your garden. And since yarrow care is so easy, you have nothing to lose by giving this ancient herb a small place in one of your flower beds. Yarrow is a tough plant that is suitable for xeriscaping, and it will adapt to pretty much any soil growing in zones 3 – 10.

Yarrow herb is an astringent and makes a good facial wash or shampoo.

Yarrow Facial Cleanser

Make this simple infusion by placing a combination of 3 tablespoons of yarrow leaves and flowers in 150 ml of boiling water.
Leave the infusion to cool and steep for an hour or so, strain and bottle into sterile container.
This cleanser will keep in the refrigerator for approximately one week, use twice daily for soft, healthy feeling skin!

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